Vision & Mission



  1. To make the students acquire competence to teach subjects of his/her specialization on the basis of accepted principles of learning and teaching in the context of the new school curriculum.

  2. To develop skills, understanding, interests and attitude which enable him/her to foster all-round growth and development of the children under his/her care.
  3. To develop skills in identifying, selecting, innovating and organizing learning experiences for teaching the required subjects.
  4. To develop understanding of psychological principles of growth and development, individual differences and similarities and cognitive connective and affective learning.
  5. To make them understand the role of the home, the peer group and the community in shaping the personality of the child and help to develop and amicable, home-school relationship for mutual benefit.
  6. To make them understand the role of school in changing society.
  7. To make them understand the administrative structure of secondary education in Gujarat State.
  8. To make them understand theoretical and practical aspects of health and recreational activities.



  1. To prepare a teachers "GURUJI" who are honest and devoted to nation.

  2. To establish and spread "EQUALITY" through the medium of education.
  3. To build "HEALTHY' and "BEAUTIFUL" India through the medium of education.
  4. To prepare the youth who are "HONEST"and "FAITHFUL" towards the nation through the medium of education
  5. To remove corruption and violence,prevailing in society by "PEACE" and "NON VIOLENCE" through the medium of education.
  6. To create" NON ADDICT SOCIETY"through the medium of education.



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